What it has to offer

Rock Bottom is an in-development, open world, two-dimensional sidescrolling game about collecting resources and using them to create different stuffs.

Story-driven Sandbox

Rock Bottom will have an immersive and interesting story that will make sense of the world you're in. If you're not into that sort of thing, you'll be able to ignore it though - staying true to the sandbox aspect!

Full Modding API

Rock Bottom comes with an integrated modding API and mod loader so that you can create custom content for the game! Click on the icon to check out the API.

Multiplayer Support

Rock Bottom offers full multiplayer capabilities, allowing you to play it with your friends without a player limit!

...and there's more to come!

The game is currently in really early development - which is why it isn't released yet! Stay tuned for changes and updates and a lot more features and content!

Stay updated!

We occasionally post updates and changelogs of what's been going on in the development process of Rock Bottom. Check out the blog to see all of them!

Wanna tell us something?

You can use this contact form right here to tell us what you think about the game, offer any deals, suggest stuff or anything like that. Alternatively, you can comment on one of the blog posts if it's about something in it.

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