Rock Bottom is currently in beta stage. What that means in this case is that the game is still far from done, but the features and changes that are implemented get tested by a small group of people, the testing team.

If you want to be a part of that testing team, the only way to currently become a tester is to check out Ellpeck’s Patreon page and get one of the “RB” rewards.
If you do decide to become a patron: Thanks so much!

Beta Conditions

When joining the Rock Bottom beta, there are a couple of conditions that you have to follow.

  • You are not allowed to distribute or share the compiled game jar or any of the class files, neither in compiled nor decompiled form. This includes showing screenshots of them or looking at the code on video or in a livestream.
    Note that classes contained in the Rock Bottom API are excluded from this and abide to their own license.
  • You are not allowed to share any of the download links to the game, or any of the other information that is distributed in the closed #rockbottombeta channel on Ellpeck’s Discord Server.
  • The above conditions apply continuously, even when exiting the closed beta.
  • Note that taking videos, screenshots and doing livestreams of the running game itself and creating and distributing mods and content packs for the game is allowed and greatly appreciated.

If you fail to comply with these conditions, you will be excluded from the beta program indefinitely, and your game account will be permanently suspended.